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There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.)

A Radiohead Community.

There There. A Radiohead community.
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Welcome to this Radiohead community. Glad you could find your way. We weren't sure you would have understood the maps that we left lying about, but now that you are here, we feel like we actually did something right (for once).

There There.

Now that you have found us, here are some pretty basic rules. No extraneous dissing, flaming, or other unnecessary behavior. That's about it. Of course, try to relate everything to Radiohead and try not to do too much weird stuff (i.e. Thom/Jonny Slash).

Please make yourself feel welcome. Write reviews, news, poems (if you feel like it), and other stuff. If you feel creative, hey, you can do it here (in regards to poems, song lyrics, etc.).

And mostly have fun!